Our Services

At SSC Industries, we offer expert technical support for each of our products to ensure you receive a solution customized to your exact needs.

Each of our commercial or custom designed solutions is supported by our team’s ability to provide

On Site

On-site testing assistance and process consulting that allow us to provide a value added service, not just sell a product.

To Solve

Extensive problem solving skills, including the utilization of plant visits to understand processes and equipment.




SSC has one of the largest arsenals of chemical formulations in the industry, allowing our customers to quickly solve process issues with proven technologies. However, in the instances an existing formulation will not meet your needs, our formulation experts are capable of troubleshooting your chemical or process issue and then creating onsite formulations to meet very specific criteria. Or, if you have a solution already developed, we also have the ability to contract manufacture your formulations.



SSC Industries is a dedicated manufacturer of custom blended formulations for private label business.

Our company has the capacity to produce 100 Million pounds of blended materials to meet your growing business demands.

With 16 production vessels and over 85 bulk storage tanks, as well as a 15 car rail spur and 3 car active unloading site, SSC can handle varied customer sizes and needs.


Our Facility

The company holds ISO 9001, AIB and Kosher certifications to meet industry needs


Products and Applications

SSC Industries manufactures chemicals for a wide variety of industries and products like these below

  • Pulp and Paper
  • Agricultural
  • Poultry
  • Mining
  • Food Procesing
  • Automotive
  • Metal Working
  • Dust Control
  • Defoarmers
  • Antifoams
  • Food Grade and Kosher Formulations
  • Antimicrobials

Private Label Program

We understand the importance of filling a customer’s every need. That’s the goal behind this program


This Program provides high quality defoamers that are distributed under your trade name – allowing you to give your customers a highly customized solution without the expense of manufacturing it yourself.

Additionally, not only do we maintain a wide selection of standard products, our formulary chemists also offer custom formulation options to ensure your exact needs are met.

So whether you have a standard or custom need, we encourage you to discuss the possibilities.

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