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SSC offers one of the largest arsenals of chemical formulations in the industry backed by the flexibility to create custom and diverse solutions.


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Custom & Toll Manufacturing with Kosher Facilities

Custom Formulations

SSC has one of the largest arsenals of chemical formulations in the industry, allowing our customers to quickly solve process issues with proven technologies. However, in the instances an existing formulation will not meet your needs, our formulation experts are capable of troubleshooting your chemical or process issue and then creating onsite formulations to meet very specific criteria. Or, if you have a solutions already developed, we also have the ability to contract manufacture your formulations at one of our three locations.

Manufacturing with Kosher Facilities

At SSC Industries, we are well versed in the demands of the food and food additive industries. That’s why we offer kosher manufacturing capabilities for companies as well as manufacture and distribute our own selection of kosher products. And since we are certified by the Atlanta Kasruth Commission aka AKC, you can feel confident in our capability to manufacture products to kosher and Passover specifications.

Product Capacity

SSC Industries has a five day production schedule which yields an annual finished product capacity of 100 million pounds.

Dedicated Business

SSC Industries is a dedicated ester and polyether business. Our company has a 5,000 gallon high temp hot oil reactor that has dedicated 350°C Oil Heating and five boiler-fired reactors. In addition, our company has 16 Production vessels (330 to 13,000 gallons), 65 Bulk storage tanks (over 600,000 gallons), high shear, homogenization, sand mill, vacuum/reduced pressure capability, inert atmosphere reactions, Kosher Cerfitifed Facilities, and auxiliaries with bulk, tote, and drum supply capability and 3-Car rail sliding with 10 car switch track. contact us today.
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