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SSC offers one of the largest arsenals of chemical formulations in the industry backed by the flexibility to create custom and diverse solutions.


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SSC Industries was incorporated in 1930 as a manufacturer of sizing and finishing chemicals for the Textile industry. During WWII, the company expanded its product offering to compounds for waterproofing fabrics and further expanded their reach to the pulp and paper industry in 1959. In that same year, the company sold its first fiber lubricants.

Antifoam and Defoamer Systems were developed for Paper & Pulp Markets in mid-60’s, which led to sales growth to GP, IP, and Westvaco.

In 1975, SSC moved production facilities to an adjacent site, installed new production equipment, and expanded again to sell defoamers to the phosphate industry. Since that time, SSC Industries has relocated again, this time to a facility that boasts a cutting-edge plant blending area, but continues to be the technology leader in pulp and paper defoamers.

In 1985, SSC Industries began sales to Amoco BCF plants. The company became a major fiber finish supplier to Shaw through the Amoco acquisition in 1992. SSC Industries began supplying overspray market in 1993, and became a major PET staple customer in 1995. In 1999, SSC Industries was purchased by Process Chemicals, and was later sold to VASS Holdings in December 2002, retaining the SSC name.

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