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SSC offers one of the largest arsenals of chemical formulations in the industry backed by the flexibility to create custom and diverse solutions.


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1550 E. Taylor Ave.
East Point, GA 30344

P: 800.762.1037
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Located near Atlanta, Georgia, SSC Industries specializes in providing custom chemical solutions for any surface or interface. While SSC has primarily been known for defoamers and synthetic fiber finishes, our team of surface scientists have expertise in a broad variety of industries.

Our goal is to create a custom solution to your unique problem that will positively impact your bottom line by either doing the job at a lower cost or doing a superior job at equal cost. But what does custom really entail? We can coat, lubricate, clean, or modify practically any surface. And our experienced production personnel strive for timely shipments and zero defects by using a broad and diverse array of processing equipment.

As a SSC Industries client, you’ll appreciate:
  • Our ability to remain nimble and quick to provide timely, practical solutions for customers
  • A true commitment to customer service
  • A positive work environment that is conducive to producing extraordinary solutions
  • Outstanding technical support and laboratory staff who provide world-class solutions to chemical challenges
SSC Industries is an ever-expanding organization that attracts clients with our quality products, dependable services, and willingness to tackle any chemical problem. Contact us today for more information, or to talk about your needs.

Our Locations

  • East Point- Reactive Chemistries, Homogenization, Toll and Blending Operations
  • Winter Haven – LLC Headquarters
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